Clan Wars Campaign 2: Stage I


Tired of those fat cats sitting up top, reaping all the Gold? Well, now is your chance to be part of the revolution! You can think of this stage’s participants being divided into two groups: the farmers and the revolutionaries. If you choose to join the revolutionaries and rioters, you can earn Victory Points by overthrowing the farmers and staking claim as the land's rightful owners! Meanwhile, the farmers will be trying to hold down the fort for as long as possible as they gain Victory Points for every turn they have held the province.

At the beginning of Stage I, the map will be wiped and chips reset for the World Redivision. In order to seed the map:

  • All provinces will be cleared and owned by [NPC] Civilians
  • All scheduled battles will be cancelled
  • All chips will be returned to Clan Reserves with cool-down times removed
  • All Spies/Counter-Spies will be removed from the map
  • All Revolts will be cancelled
  • All Ransacks will be cancelled and income from ransacked provinces will be restored
  • All provinces will become a ‘Landing Zone’
  • The maximum number of challengers in a Landing Tournament is 32. If there are more applicants, 32 challengers are selected for the tournament at random

Ransacking, Revolting, and tank locking will be disabled for the first day of Stage I during the World Redivision. Tiers will be restricted to tier VI.

After the first day, World Redivision will end, provinces will revert to have the regular landing zones, and Stage I rules will come into effect.

5,000 Fame Points will be awarded to all members of Clans that seized at least one Province during the Stage I World Redivision.

Stage I

San Francisco, California and Chicago, Illinois will be owned by Wargaming North America. You will receive a special prize for knocking Wargaming off their territory!

Revolt chance is increased tenfold.

Victory Points can be earned by your clan in two ways for Stage 1:

  • Every turn you own a province, your Clan will gain 42 Victory Points (Note: These Victory Points can be lost if another clan captures your province)
  • When a Clan captures a province through a riot or landing zone, they gain all Victory Points the previous owner had earned on that province (Note: Victory Points gained this way cannot be taken away)

Fame Points can be earned in every battle. In order to balance with the other stages of the 2nd Campaign, all Fame Points from Stage I will be multiplied by 1.5.

Stage I Quick Reference Guide


Days: 12
World Redivision: 11/5/2013
Stage I rule set: 11/6/2013 – 11/17/2013

Maximum Tier


Special Achievement

Earn a unique medal by seizing a province owned by Wargaming America

Enabled Special Features

Rioting (Chances are increased, and riots-per-clan limit is removed)
Spies/Counter Spies

Disabled Special Features

Tank Locking

Gain Victory Points

42 points per turn you own province
Capture a province through a riot or landing zone to gain all Victory Points the previous owner had earned on that province

Lose Victory Points

If you lose a province, you will lose all Victory Points you gained every turn from that province


Details: We have greatly increased the probability of riots. Clans will receive 42 Victory points each turn for each province owned. If a clan loses a province (including self-removal by the clan), they will lose all Victory points received from this province (equal to 42 x turns the province was owned by that clan). Clans who have conquered a province through landing or riot tournament will receive Victory Points equal to amount the clan-farmer earned from that province. Attention! This won't work for regular battles, just for landing and riots tournaments.

Complete any of these secondary objectives during a battle to receive additional personal Fame Points:






In cases where a clan has defended a revolting province, all members of the clan, who participated in the battle, receive a 1.1 multiplier for Fame points received in the battle





Receive additional personal Fame points for seizing a province through a revolt


There are also several medals/achievements you can earn during Stage I. These medals are awarded to all members who have participated in at least one battle during Stage I for the Clan that wins them unless noted otherwise.



Let’s Battle: San Francisco

Defeat Wargaming America on the province: San Francisco, California

Let’s Battle: Chicago

Defeat Wargaming America on the province: Chicago, Illinois


Earn the largest amount of Victory Points during Stage I (this will be the winner of Stage I)


Earn the largest amount of Victory Points by holding land (Farmers)


Earn the largest amount of Victory Points by holding a single province (Farmers)

Light Cavalry

Earn the largest amount of Victory Points by landing/revolting   (Revolutionaries)


Earn the largest amount of Victory Points in a single battle on a Landing or revolting province

Knight of the Revolution

Earn Victory Points during Stage I


Own at least one province during Stage I

First Step

Capture at least one province during the Redivision phase of Stage I

Participant of the 2nd Campaign, Stage I

Participate in at least one battle during Stage I

*This medal is awarded on an individual basis rather than by Clan.