WGLNA Finals Contender Spotlight: Top Tier

The WGLNA Gold League Regional Finals are getting closer! As the big day approaches, we’re profiling the top teams throwing down! 

Top Tier


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Top Tier is a new team this season and they're turning some heads. Beating out more experienced teams for a spot at the Regional Finals, these underdogs are a force to reckon with! Will that force be enough to ensure victory?

We asked team captain Artem "RudeAwakening" Prusevich this and more!

Question: This is the first season for your team, and a few of your players have never played a live event before. Are you worried?

Answer: You never really know how players will react to the extra pressure of a live event. Some play better and step up, while others play worse. Only time will tell. I hope people realize that we were already under pressure during the regular season and playoffs.

Q: This season started out a bit rough: You lost four out of your first six matches, but now you've hit your stride winning five of your last six. Can you keep this momentum?

A: After we won the qualifier, I needed to establish a good foundation of key skills and teamwork. That was going to take more time than we had before the season's start. We worked on this foundation up through the third week of the season, when our teamwork improved significantly. We're playing at a good level now, and it's up to the players how we perform in the Regional Finals.

Q: You'll have to win both of your matches to qualify for the Grand Finals. Elevate is first up, and you only won one battle against them this entire season. Are you preparing differently this time around?

A: The regular season and playoffs are in the past and we're focused on the next match. Our goal is to play the best we can play and focus on things we can control, such as our daily routines and practices. The players play -- that's their only job, and I expect them to do that job to the best of their ability.

Q: If you beat Elevate, you'll be up against eClipse or Dare Rising. Which would you prefer and why?

A:  I'd rather face Dare Rising for the same reason that we're underdogs against Elevate: experience.

Q: Hard question incoming! What is something about your team that nobody knows?

A: Something about each team member... 

  • oGHaKo likes to see the whites in the eyes of his enemies.
  • Dealth_ is a mountaingoat on the edge of a cliff that contemplates jumping.
  • mereelskirata is a mountaingoat that's unphased by suicidal mountain goats.
  • Pompous packs fireworks in his tank for some reason.
  • Xits had to exit early... stage left... STAGE LEFT!
  • xsoldier will tell me the answer to this question is stupid.
  • Rude - I'll argue with xsoldier about my answer, then eventually agree with him.
  • La_Cucaracha_Siega probably doesn't like fireworks.
  • Sublimebanana is the team bodyguard who can crush your skull with his bare hands.
  • JoJoJacKy is the team psychologist who talks the mountaingoat off the ledge, advises against questionable firework storage practices, and knows exactly where stage left is. 

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