The Road to Better eSports League is set for more eSports action in 2017! From September to December, teams across the world will clash for a spot in the Grand Finals, taking place in Moscow. Details coming soon!

We always strive for continuous improvement in our eSports endeavors -- competitive play is in our DNA. As the season begins, we'll take a hard look at the league and determine what's best for the future of competitive World of Tanks.

Step one of that is already finished: we just concluded our player summit where the world's top tankers joined us to help define the future of WoT eSports. After plenty of discussion and debate, we emerged with a resolution to provide an experience that's spectacular, entertaining, and appealing to our audience across the globe! By the start of 2018, you'll see a beta version of our refined format based on player collaboration.

World of Tanks was built to deliver thrilling, strategic competitive battles. Skill is an important factor in victory, and our eSports pros represent the best of the best. We hope to connect you to their amazing battles in new ways for years to come!