Announcing Clan Spotlights


Today we are going to introduce an upcoming series to the World of Tanks website: Clan Spotlight. Here's your chance to learn a little bit about active Clans, or to earn some recognition for your own. To top it all off, we'll be running Tank Companies with the selected Clans on Wednesdays; with an opportunity for you to win some in-game Gold!

Clan Spotlights

With this series, we’ll be promoting a different Clan every other week. The featured Clans will range from those that are struggling to earn their place on the Clan Wars map all the way to those who are established veterans. This is a great chance for any Clan to get exposure with the community at large, and show everyone how great they are.

On Mondays, featured Clans will have an article published on the official World of Tanks portal with a profile of the Clan and an interview with the leadership. In addition, the spotlighted Clan will have the opportunity to join WGA employees in Tank Companies that Wednesday and be livestreamed on the official World of Tanks channel.

If you face off against the featured tank company you’ll have the chance to win Gold prizes! 500 for a win, 250 for a loss, but nothing for a draw. If you are streaming on and you send a link to your stream with the time at which you face the featured company, you will earn double your winnings.

We are looking for Clans that actively participate in Clan Wars to spotlight, so if you would like your Clan to be featured, send us an email at

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