New Clan Feature: Recruiting Station

Adding a second Global Map wasn’t the only surprise we had in store for you. In fact, we have also added a new feature called: Recruiting Station.

Recruting Station

This feature has been added as a portal functionality, and it will greatly improve your ability to create, manage, recruit and search for a Clan! When it goes live you will be able to:

  • Create a personal file, which will help you to find a suitable clan.
  • Search for suitable recruits for your own Clan.
  • Enable/disable the receipt of applications from players.

In addition, the feature will make some processes automatic; for example when a Clan reaches 100 members, the system will hide its terms of recruitment and disable applications to join the Clan.

More detailed information about the Recruiting Station feature is provided in the following guide.

Start thinking about getting some new blood in your ranks, Commanders!

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