Clan Wars Fifth Campaign: Stage 3

The third stage of the Fifth Campaign is starting soon, so get acquainted with the rules before taking the next steps on the Global Map!

1. General Rules 

1.1. The third stage of the Fifth Campaign takes place December 2 04:00 PT to December 12 03:00 PT.

1.2. Stage parameters:

  • All battles are tier X
  • Battle format: 15v15
  • Battle duration: 15 minutes
  • ON: Fog of War, Division modules (module mounting is free)
  • OFF: Vehicle lock, Auctions, Revolts, Ransacks
  • Number of landing tournament participants: 32
  • Clans that capture a province can still participate in landing tournaments
  • Clans cannot attack landing provinces from adjacent territories
  • Provinces don't provide income
  • Raising province income within the Campaign Front is not available
  • Province owners can't participate in landing tournaments, auctions and attacks from their territories
  • Battle time shift is off. Battle time in some provinces are shifted for 15 minutes regarding their Prime Time
  • Total provinces available on the Global Map: 227
  • Active tournament applications available during a Prime Time: 6
  • Keeping a Division is free
  • Penalties for no-shows

During the first day of Stage 3, all provinces on the Global Map are landing provinces. When the Prime Time ends, the provinces change to standard provinces for the Fifth Campaign.

  • Number of landing tournament applications available during the first day of Stage 3: 16.
  • If a battle for a landing province ends with a draw, the challengers will be considered defeated.

1.3. Maps

  • Abbey
  • Airfield
  • Arctic Region
  • Cliff
  • El Halluf
  • Ensk
  • Fisherman's Bay
  • Fjords
  • Himmelsdorf
  • Karelia
  • Lakeville
  • Malinovka
  • Mines
  • Mountain Pass
  • Murovanka
  • Prokhorovka
  • Redshire
  • Ruinberg
  • Sand River
  • Steppes

2. Special Rules and Regulations

During Stage 3, Clans receive special series of tasks called Raids. For completing them, Clans will earn Fame Points. Players also earn more personal Fame Points in battles for target provinces.

2.1. Receiving Tasks: Landing

2.1.1. Clans receive a series of Clan tasks (Raids) on the Global Map. Before a Raid starts, they select a preferred Front and Prime Time. A target province for a Clan is defined according to the selected parameters, making this province a landing province for the Raid.

2.1.2. If the number of landing tournament applications for a landing province is higher than 32 in one Prime Time, a Clan can still be added to the list of challengers, and gets a task for landing in this province. This rule is also applied when reaching the maximum number of applications for all target provinces of a Clan.

2.1.3. One Clan can get several series of tasks, according to selected parameters, as described in 2.1.2. This allows several teams from one Clan to complete tasks in different territories on a Front. The maximum number of active Raids per one Clan: 5.

2.1.4. When choosing a Raid according to Prime Time, Clans should keep in mind:

  • If they select a Prime Time before landing tournament lists are formed (no later than one hour before a Prime Time starts), the Clan task for capturing a target province are marked as completed after the current Prime Time ends.
  • If they select a Prime Time after landing tournament lists are formed (less than one hour before a Prime Time starts), the Clan task for capturing a target province are marked as completed after the next day’s Prime Time ends.

2.1.5. Landing provinces move randomly after each Prime Time.

2.1.6. Upon receiving a Clan series of tasks, Clans can start capturing target provinces to complete Raid tasks.

2.2. Completing Tasks: Capturing Provinces

2.2.1. Target provinces for the next Clan task in a Raid are selected from the number of provinces that have borders with the target province from the previous Clan task and must be:

  • A unoccupied province
  • Not a target province for that Clan in other Raids
  • Not a landing province, after a Clan completes a Clan task in a series (According to 2.1.6, landing provinces move randomly on the Global Map)
  • Located within a territory within the selected Prime Time

If provinces that have borders with the province for the previous Clan task don’t match all the above conditions, the searching system increases the range of territories within the selected Prime Time until the next target province is found. In this case, the next target province is selected from the number of landing provinces.

2.2.2. A task is considered complete if the Clan is the owner of the target province when battles for that province end, according to the conditions mentioned in 2.1.5.

2.2.3. For capturing provinces during a Raid, Clans Fame Points:

 Clan Fame Points
Award for capturing a target province 500

2.2.4. After completing a task during a Raid, a Clan can:

  • Go on with the Raid and get a new Clan task. For completing that task, the Clan earns a bigger bonus. Information about the next Clan task in the series, including the target province, is available before needing to decide whether to continue the Clan series of tasks or not
  • Abort the Raid. Clans get Fame Points according to the stage of the last completed task
  • If a Clan doesn’t decide or the Raid ends later than three hours before a Prime Time on the target province, that Raid is aborted, and the Clan gets a bonus according to the stage of the last completed task.

2.2.5. The table below shows the distribution of Fame Points after a Clan completes a Raid task:

 Clan Fame Points
1st Task 500
2nd Task 4,000
3rd Task 8,000
4th Task 15,000
5th Task 25,000
6th Task 50,000
7th Task 100,000
8th Task 200,000
9th Task 400,000
10th Task 800,000

Example: During a Raid, Clan A captures the 4th task target province. This Clan should decide whether they earn 15,000 Fame Points (bonus for completing the 4th task), or continue on and battle for the next task bonus—25,000 Clan Fame Points.  

2.2.6. If a Clan is defeated, the Raid fails, and the Clan won’t get bonuses for completing the previous tasks.

2.2.7. When a Raid fails, Clans can select the next Raid and start completing its tasks.

2.2.8. During a Raid, Fame Points for capturing target provinces are awarded according to a multiplying coefficient. Its values are described in the "Personal Fame Points" section of these rules and regulations.

2.2.9. Find information about current Clan Raids on the Global Map.

2.3. Additional Clan Tasks

2.3.1. Clans earn Fame Points by preventing other Clans from completing Raid tasks.

2.3.2. If a Clan disrupts a Raid by capturing a target province from another Clan or several Clans, and the Raid stage for this task is later than the 1st, that Clan earns 10% of the Fame Points that the other Clan or Clans would have received for completing a Clan task on that target province. The bonus is awarded only if the captured province wasn’t a target province for the Clan that disrupted the Raid.

2.3.3. Information about awards in all provinces is shown on the Global Map.

Example: If Clan A disrupts Clan B's Raid task (after the Prime Time ends, Clan A becomes the owner of Clan B's target province), Clan A gets 10% of the bonus that Clan B would have received, if Clan B had completed that task.

3. Personal Fame Points

3.1. Fame Points are awarded by the following formula:

Fame_Points: Fame Points

Fame_points_base: Stage Fame Points coefficient: 1,000

Battle_type_c: Battle type coefficient

Event_value_c: Game type coefficient. This coefficient is applied only in battles for target provinces.

Еlo_c: Elo rating coefficient equal to the Elo rating in tier Xfront

Team_XP: Amount of Experience a team earns in battle

Battle_XP: Total amount of Experience both teams earn in battle

Team_size Team size in Stage 3: 15

Battle Type Coefficients (Battle_type_c)

Battle TypeRatio
A landing tournament 1
A battle for a province 5
A battle for a province with its owner 5

Game Type Coefficients (Event_value_c)

1st Task 1.1
2nd Task 1.2
3rd Task 1.3
4th Task 1.4
5th Task 1.5
6th Task 1.6
7th Task 1.7
8th Task 1.8
9th Task 1.9
10th Task 2.0

Elo Rating Coefficients (Elo_c)

Opposing Clan's Elo RatingElo_c
< = 1,000 1.0
1,001 - 1,050 1.1
1,051 - 1,100 1.2
1,101 - 1,150 1.3
1,151 - 1,200 1.4
1,201 - 1,250 1.5
1,251 - 1,300 1.6
1,301 - 1,350 1.7
1,351 - 1,400 1.8
1,401 - 1,450 1.9
1,451+ 2.0

3.2. A Clan also gets the same amount of Fame Points for each battle as a member of the Clan who participated in the battle. For example, when Clan A ends a battle and gets 36 personal Fame Points, they also get 36 Clan Fame Points.