Join the World of Tanks NA Discord Server!

Attention Tankers!

We've launched our official World of Tanks NA Discord Server and we want you!

How to join:

Click the button below and it'll take you directly to our server. If you don't have an account, follow the instructions within Discord and you'll be ready to roll in no time flat.


What's Discord, and why are we using it?

Discord is an all-in-one, simplified platform for communicating with us and the community via text and voice chat. It's completely free and available on your desktop, phone, or web browser.

What can you do with Discord?

  • Find platoon members easily and chat with friends
  • Reliable voice chat that can be used in or out of any game
  • Automated updates for everything World of Tanks
  • Communicate directly with us at Wargaming and other members of the World of Tanks community
  • Simplified sharing options and easy access to community-created content

For the latest community updates in World of Tanks, join us and your squadmates in our Discord server! Happy tanking!

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