Clan Spotlight: -G-

This month's Clan spotlight is -G-, a competitive Clan that's been in the game since 2011.


How did -G- begin?

Yankee: -G- started when Brothers Grimm (BG) split into Havok and -G- back in 2011, right after the breakup of the NASA alliance.

What's your Clan's vision?

Yankee: -G-'s goal is to be competitive with other top Clans while providing a fun experience for like-minded players without getting into complete tryhard mode. We take pretty good care of our players while trying to maximize our rewards. -G- is always near the top of "efficiency" in Clan events, i.e. rewards per game played.

Sr360: We also strive to have a somewhat mature and drama-free environment, which perhaps is where our "Dad Clan" reputation comes from.

What are your greatest accomplishments as a Clan?

Yankee: Our longevity and ability to remain relevant through the life of this game. In recent history, winning the first postseason Clan tournament.

Sr360: Rumors of our death have been both frequent and greatly exaggerated. Yet we're still here and still in the mix. -G- has been a competitive Clan since shortly after I started playing, and I started back in 2011.



For the full interview, visit our forum post, and stay tuned for info on -G-'s upcoming Sherrif Event!


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