Clan Spotlight: [D-DAY]

Welcome to another Clan Spotlight! This month - appropriately enough - we asked [D-DAY] to sound off on the joys of stripes, getting stomped, and having fun.


How did [D-DAY] begin?

Stainlessrat: Long long ago on a server far far away... Well, really there's a small core group of us that were part of the [FELIX] family of clans. When the main [FELIX] clan withered away to nothing we decided to change our name and go on our own. We held a vote for a new name and [D-DAY] won out. Who doesn't love invasion stripes?

Fatherjohn_: I was in [FELIX] back in 2015, then it imploded, so I moved to F3LIX. Then it became [D-DAY], and like mold, they've been stuck with me ever since.

What is your clan's vision?

Stainlessrat: Our vision is to have fun - even when we get stomped. If you're not enjoying the game then you're doing it wrong. We're scrubs and we admit it but we have fun doing it. Hell, the guy that follows the calls best out of all of us is deaf!

Almighty_Johnson: To crush our enemies, see them driven from the Global Map, and hear the lamentation of their waifus.

Desert_Fox_1969: Having fun playing and giving players a good home who aren't able to get into the top clans.

Read the full interview over on the forums, and join in on [D-DAY]'s Sheriff Event on June 8 - 9!


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