ZAM: ZAM Rolls into Battle in World of Tanks

One can easily get tired of the vast variety of online MMOs, but World of Tanks is one of the games, which captivate and don't let you down. ZAM tastes World of Tanks and gives its review in the article ZAM Rolls into Battle in World of Tanks.

ZAM gives thorough description of the game, depicting the maps, tanks, and gameplay peculiarities.

"The game puts players in the seats of a multitude of tanks from the 1930-1950 era and features team combat. Players earn experience by attacking in battle and credits as a currency; the experience allows research for new upgrades, and the credits allow the player to buy the upgrades and consumable items to give an edge in fights. I had a chance to try out the open beta leading up to the release, and I can say without a doubt – I die way too easily. And I had a blast doing it!"

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