WoTPro Guide Contest

Tankers! Know-it-alls!

The folks over at WoTPro are running a bit of a competition to see who can come up the best new guides.  They're reaching out to you, the players, the experts, to come up with the end-all-be-all walkthrough and guide for a tank of your choosing!

We definitely want to see the best of the best go live on their website, so we're sweetening the pot a little by sponsoring 50,000 for the first place winner in each category!

We'll let our buddy nagatron go over the rules for you:

WoTpro.com is looking for new authors to write guides and wants to see who among you can stand up to the test!
Starting today and ending on Sept 21st you can email your submissions to nagatron@wotpro.com
Write your guide about a tank that hasn't already been covered or isn't listed at the bottom of this post and try keep close to the format presented on the site.
Edit: To clarify, this means that any portions of the guide with text (except for weak points) are yours to write.
- Video segments demonstrating key points are encouraged, but not required.
- Multiple entries are allowed.
All guides that meet the challenge will be put on wotpro.com and the author will receive 1 month premium! 
The winner in each of the following categories will receive 50,000! Yes, you read that right. 50,000!
- Light
- Medium
- Heavy
- Tank Destroyer
Check out the guides here on wotpro and go to the forums to list the tanks you'll be working on so we don't start writing one of our own. Though, it's perfectly fine for you all to write guides that someone else lists there.
Tanks already being worked on by wotpro authors:
"href="http://www.wotpro.com/guides/lorraine-40-t"target="_blank">Lorraine 40 t
Bat Chatillon 25 t This experimental tank was a further development of the AMX 13. The tank underwent trials, but never entered mass production nor saw service. Two vehicles were manufactured.
  • Nation: France
  • Type: Medium Tank
  • Hit Points: 1800
  • Tier: 10
  • Armor F/S/R: 60/40/30 (mm)
  • Speed Fwd/Rev: 65/23 (km/h)
"href="http://www.wotpro.com/guides/bat-chatillon-25-t"target="_blank">Bat Chatillon 25 t
M48A1 The most successful American medium tank in the immediate post-war period. Development started in 1950. In April 1953, the vehicle entered service. A total of 11703 vehicles of different variants were produced from 1952 through 1959.
  • Nation: U.S.A.
  • Type: Medium Tank
  • Hit Points: 2000
  • Tier: 10
  • Armor F/S/R: 110/76/35 (mm)
  • Speed Fwd/Rev: 45/20 (km/h)
T-62A Development of the first Soviet post-war medium tank started in 1951. In 1961 the T-62 tank, with a smoothbore gun, was deployed. At the same time a variant, the T-62A, with a rifled gun, was also deployed. In March 1962 mass production of the T-62A was discontinued. The T-62 tank was mass-produced from 1961 through 1975, with a total of twenty thousand vehicles manufactured. Later modifications of the vehicle are still in service.
  • Nation: U.S.S.R.
  • Type: Medium Tank
  • Hit Points: 1950
  • Tier: 10
  • Armor F/S/R: 102/75/45 (mm)
  • Speed Fwd/Rev: 50/20 (km/h)
"href="http://www.wotpro.com/guides/t-62a"target="_blank">T-62A, AMX-50 Foch (155), 
T110E5 Development started in the early 50s. Restrictions were placed on the vehicle sizing as the tank was supposed to pass through the narrow tunnels of the Bernese Alps. It never progressed beyond the blueprint stage.
  • Nation: U.S.A.
  • Type: Heavy Tank
  • Hit Points: 2200
  • Tier: 10
  • Armor F/S/R: 254/76/38 (mm)
  • Speed Fwd/Rev: 37/12 (km/h)
T110E4 In 1954, a conference on future heavy tanks was held in Detroit. Alongside other advanced projects, the Chrysler Corporation suggested a new tank on the basis of the TS-31 project. The main condition was that the tank should fit the Bern national tunnel. Several construction variants were considered. However, the project was cancelled.
  • Nation: U.S.A.
  • Type: Tank Destroyer
  • Hit Points: 2000
  • Tier: 10
  • Armor F/S/R: 254/76/38 (mm)
  • Speed Fwd/Rev: 35/12 (km/h)

You can check out the official article on the WoTPro website.

Please note that this is a WoTPro run contest; all questions about should be directed to the WoTPro team.

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