Hymn Contest Is Over

UPD. August 29. The contest is over and its results will be announced soon.

This time we offer you to come up with a glorious piece of poetry dedicated to World of Tanks, the fierce fights that take place on WoT battlefields, the steel beasts that wage the wars and anything you might think of that is related to the game.

Your hymn to World of Tanks should not exceed the limit of 40 lines. At the same time the minimum size is 8 lines. Remember that you mustn’t violate any rules and your entry is your own work that has not been copied from anywhere.

Your creativity and effort will be awarded 6,000 Gold if you win the contest. The second place will bring its holder 4,000 Gold. And finally the author of the third best work is 2,000 Gold.

The detailed regulations of the contest are on the forum.

Good luck!

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