WoT Evolution Winners

Open Beta, official game release, Clan Wars implementation and other major and minor changes and alterations happened in World of Tanks. Do you remember some of them? Those who do remember, were welcome to partake in the contest named WoT Evolution to share their view in a humorous way providing a series of comics or single images under the general name WoT Evolution. Contest entries could be either drawn, painted or made with graphical editors.

The best work was provided by bestenemy who will receive 6,000 gold for his image! The first runner-up is Unknown0ne, his work guarantees him getting 5,000 gold! The third prize-taker is marlon23, who's piece of art brings him 4,000 gold. For this picture ChocolateVillain takes fourth place and earns 2,000 gold and 750 will go to darksandman who takes the fifth place for his image.

Besides that, a special prize goes to Werner_Poetschke, who's creative piece of work makes us smile! He will receive 500 gold.

All the entries can be found on the forum.

Congratulations to winners and good luck in further partaking!

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