World of Tanks Review by NZGamer

"As you can see, games can be fast and furious, while at other times if both sides adopt a defensive strategy it can be a game of hide and seek. Regardless, of the over 200 games we have played, none have gone to full time. Win or lose, you get credits. Obviously winning gets you more and this is done by knocking out all the enemies tanks or capturing their base. The credits you get are spent on repairing your tank or investing in upgrades. These upgrades consist of better suspension and engines, that in turn allow you to carry better turrets and heavier weapons, Eventually you get to the end of the tree and you can then research the next tier tank." describes the hierarchy of World of Tanks tank trees, pointing out specialization of each division and its main advantages. Besides that, the gaming source provides some statistical data on ping rate, which is of high importance to any player, who tries this game: "We are not sure where the servers are based but at a regular ping rate of around 200-300 on a standard DSL 2+ connection there is no noticeable lag or delay."

Another thing described is the awaiting time between game battles; NZGamer points out the fact that a player won't wait long till next battle when his tank is destroyed, besides, this free time can be spent for surfing the net.

"This is by far the best free to play MMO out there at the moment. Its well polished, with good sound effects, well detailed tanks and terrain and regular updates and maps. Yes it's not historically correct but its a lot of fun for only the price of a download. We highly recommend it."

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