Winners of the Stuart Scavenger Hunt



Our first Scavenger Hunt was a success! We received some very impressive entries! 

The first prize winner managed to do what we all thought was impossible: kufo destroyed all 5 armored vehicle types in his M5, for all three battles! We have added the 3 replays here so you can download them and see how he was able to do this. Congrats Kufo!!

Here is the list of winners:

  1. Kufo - 733.5 XP points 10000
  2. Bagnell - 445.2 XP points 8000
  3. Johnson753 - 414.46 XP points 6000
  4. Isky - 378.8 XP points 4000
  5. Takeda - 364.2 XP points 2000

Download kufo's replays:  Battle 1, Battle 2, and Battle 3


Please allow up to 24 hours for gold disbursement.

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