Winners of the Scavenger Hunt: Battle of Kasserine Pass



The Scavenger Hunt, Battle of Kasserine Pass winners are announced! After fighting hard, trying to get all the kills required, these are your winners!

Here is the list of winners:

  1. ADShogun - 395.8 XP points 10000
  2. Sakuraban - 388.526 XP points 8000
  3. Armor 008 - 370.7 XP points 6000
  4. MarlekOdomiel77 - 365.4 XP points 4000
  5. __E100__ - 348.36 XP points 2000


Congratulations to all of you!

Please allow up to 24 hours for gold disbursement.

Some were disqualified for this round as they did not have the necessary requirements, especially not having the 5 armored vehicle types destroyed! 

If you have any questions please send a PM to Gaea.

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