Winners of the Nordwind MVP!

Nordwind mvp


After going through 184 emails, checking the submissions, and verifiying the calculations (phew!) the winners of this MVP are announced.

There were 87 correct submissions for the Capture category, and 40 for the defense category. The points went from 89 to 382 for the capture category, and 106 to 401 for the defense category!

Here are your most valuable players of the weekend:


  1. Keytosky: 382 MVP points
  2. Kane9: 370 MVP points
  3. Markrimn: 367 MVP points
  4. Dark_Eidolon: 359 MVP points
  5. BigCheese256: 355 MVP points


  1. AbsoluteRoyal: 401 MVP points
  2. MMarell: 362 MVP points
  3. Kufo: 358 MVP points
  4. Jbloggs: 341 MVP points
  5. LimpinG: 340 MVP points

Those that were disqualified:

  • Game name was not included in the email
  • Calculations involved both capture AND defense
  • Total MVP points was not written in the email
  • Wrong screenshots
  • Nordwind was not written in the subject line of the email.

Congratulations to all the winners! Please allow up to 24 hours for payments. If you have any issues with the winners or would like to know what was wrong with your submission, please send a PM to Gaea.

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