Winners of the MVP Eliminator!



We are happy to announce the winners of the MVP Eliminator! We asked all of you to go above and beyond this past weekend and dominate on the field. The minimum requirement for this MVP was to have at least 10 other vehicles destroyed, and then the final score was based on final base XP!

Here are the winners! And for the first time we had two players tie with their XP! They both earned the exact same amount of XP in two different tanks!

  1. Krazypoloc, 179.8 XP score, 10 kills (AMX 50 100)
  2. MartinGalindo, 163.2 XP score, 10 kills (VK 2801)
  3. Illusion, 162.6 XP score, 15 kills (Hotchkiss)
  4. Bobflange (10 kills - VK 2801) ), and NoomUCF (14 kills - Hotchkiss): 158.6 XP score
  5. Elnandito, 158.3 XP score, 10 kills (PzKpfw IV)


Congratulations to all the winners!

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your gold!

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