Winners of the Matilda and M4 Sherman All Star



We have finally compiled the list of our Current M4 Sherman and Matilda All Stars!

For this contest we changed the rules a little:

  • We have added the 4th and 5th places again;
  • We are now introducing a tie breaker: if two or more people place together, the winner will be chosen dependng on the amount of XP gained for that battle. For example: If player A (1200 XP) and player B (1100 XP) both have 25 All Star points, player A will be placed in 2nd place and player B in 3rd place.

All in all there were 100 submissions for the M4 Sherman, ranging from 7 to 36 All Star points, and 34 Matilda submissions ranging from 6 to 28 All Star points.

Here are our M4 Sherman All Star:
  1. Frager23 with 36 All Star points 8000
  2. JackAttack22 with 34 All Star points 6000
  3. GuGirard with 29 All Star points 4000
  4. TheGreenwolf with 28 All Star points and 1164 XP 2000
  5. BemBem512 with 28 All Star points and 1149 XP 1000
And here are the winners of the Matilda All Star:
  1. Isky with 28 All Star points and 1639 XP 8000
  2. RawREvO with 28 All Star points and 1611 XP 6000
  3. Gordak2 with 25 All Star points and 1696 XP 4000
  4. Desdichado with 25 All Star points and 1287 XP 2000
  5. Bad_Brain with 25 All star points and 1072 XP 1000

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you all for participating! If possible, we would like to know what you think about the frequency of the All Star Contest. Would you like to have more or fewer contest? Also, what other tanks would you like to see participating in these contests? Your feedback is important to us and we want to make these contests as fun as possible.

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