Winners of the Last Epic All star of 2011

AS Epic


For the last All Star contest of 2011, we asked you to choose between the IS-3 and the Type 59 tank and to send us your best battles over the New Year weekend. 

All in all we received 129 valid submissions, 61 for the Type 59, and 68 for the IS-3. The points ranged from 8 - 35 for the Type 59, and from 12 - 39 for the IS-3.

Here are your winners!

For the Type 59:

  1. Desdichado, with 35 All Star points
  2. AbsoluteRoyal, with 34 All Star points
  3. VeyN, with 33 All Star points
  4. Eufonious and Aiien with 31 All Star points
  5. DYR7900, fiddler54, CptBlood, and Kufo with 30 All star points

For the IS-3:

  1. Rendaz, with 39 All Star  points
  2. nbutyllithium, with 38 points
  3. Kalis, with 35 All star points
  4. Macatackk, with 33 All star points
  5. Stagnate and 6thAD_General_Failure with 32 All star points

Many disqualifed as:

  • Their game name was not included in the email
  • They did not include the All Star total points in the email
  • They did not use the correct tank
  • Did not send in the correct screenshots/replays

Congratulations to all the All Star winners!! We hope you enjoyed the last Epic All Star of 2011.

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your gold.