Winners of the French Tank Guide contest!



After a long voting process, and reading through, and watching, several hundred submissions, we have finally chosen those that we considered to have the best written, or the best Youtube guides! Seeing there were so many submissions we decided to add two more placements!

Written Guide Category:

  1. BONES:  Ultimate Guide to the AMX 50 100
  2. Aiien: Allen's Guide to the AMX 13 90
  3. iPancakes: Char Renault D2 Guide
  4. BrackDynamite: French Thunder, The AMX 13 90
  5. Kalis: Kalis' French Tank Guide Lorraine 40(t)


For the Video Category:

  1. Praetor77
  2. Chunkayes
  3. Nethervvoid
  4. Relics
  5. Madiba127


Congratulations to all the winners! The gold will be sent out in less than 24 hours.

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