Winners of the December Comic Contest!

Comic contest


Last year, we started a contest for those that have a good sense of humour and a passion for drawing.  We gathered all of the submissions and separated them into two categories: Handrawn and screenshot.

We received 12 screenshot submissions and 16 hand drawn submissions. I pestered the NA office support and community team, as well as our Art Director to vote on as many submissions as possible, and, here are the results!


Handrawn Winners:

  1. Hazet
  2. Mikess
  3. Trueblez
  4. SergeantSpazz
  5. CaptainFiasco


Screenshot Winners:

  1. FRUMindsEye
  2. JPKiller
  3. Pyrohawk
  4. Guntower
  5. Moosenugget


Congrats to all the winners! The winning comics can be found in this thread.

Please allow up to 24 hours for gold to be disbursed.

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