Who Shot the Monte Cassino Sheriff?



We have renamed one of your favorite events from: Kill the Courier to... Who Shot the Sheriff?? Remember, shooting, and destroying the Sheriff's vehicle will award you 250 gold!

For this Monte Cassino event, we have two different events planned for you.

Event 1: Challenge a WG tank company!

Moderators, community managers, game masters, and customer support representatives have gathered together and will create a Wargaming tank company on Friday, January 13th, from 4 PM - 6PM PST (12:00 AM - 2:00 AM UTC). We will be forming a champion tank company (tiers 6-8) and queue in! Be sure to be on the lookout for our tank company and challenge us!

If you have the chance to challenge us:

  • If you win, each of the players will earn 500.
  • If you lose, each of the players will earn 250.

No need to send in any screenshots or replays for this event. The winners (and losers!) will get their gold next week.


Event 2: Who Shot the Monte Cassino Sheriff?

For this event, we will have our moderators play during certain hours on Saturday, January 14 and Sunday January 15th.

They will be playing on these accounts: 

  • Sheriff_1 [WG]
  • Sheriff_2 [WG]
  • Sheriff_3 [WG]

Between these times on Saturday and Sunday:

1AM PST (4AM EST) to 7AM PST (10AM EST) = 9 AM UTC – 3 PM UTC

4PM PST (7PM EST) to 10PM PST (1AM EST) = 12 PM UTC – 6 AM UTC

If you manage to destroy one of the Sheriff's vehicles, please be sure to take a screenshot and post it in this forum. If you are unable to take screenshots, or if you miss the end of battle window screenshot, you may also attach the game replay.

You have until Monday, January 16th, 11:59 PM PST (7:59 AM UTC Tuesday) to post your kill. Anything posted after this time will not be considered.

All succesfful submissions will receive the amount of 250.

Note: Team kills do not count and will be punished accordingly.

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