We Start the MAS!

Matryoshka Assault Shipping quest has begun! Starting 11 AM EDT June 8 and till 11 AM EDT June 9 we expect you o give answers to a row of tough questions. And the sooner you do it the better!

Matryosha is a cunning doll and once you open it, you find the other one inside. And she is same cunning in the quest: the key to the next question is the correct answer to the relevant one.

The riddles may be hidden anywhere including our WIKI and social networks. So let the MAS begin!

The first three winners will be awarded 5,000 Gold. Those who occupy places from 4 to 6 will receive 2,500 in-game gold. And players who complete MAS with 7 – 10 results will get 1,250 Gold.

After answering all questions, make a list of all answers, providing your server name and nickname, and send the e-mail to prizes@worldoftanks.com.

Ready to start? Click here!