Wargaming.net League North America Fires Up World of Tanks Competition


Wargaming, the leading free-to-play developer and publisher, today announced the launch of the Wargaming.net League North America. Showcasing the company’s trademark action MMO World of Tanks, the Wargaming.net League North America will challenge the best and brightest World of Tanks players to prove their skills on the battlefield in three seasons of competitive play. Each season will culminate in a final tournament with a prize pool of $100,000.

Registration for the first season of the Wargaming.net League North America begins on May 29th and will conclude with events on August 17th and the 18th. Competition format will follow regularly practiced global standards, including 7 vs. 7 matches, tanks limited to tier 8 and below, as well as a 42 point maximum.

Season one of the Wargaming.net League North America will follow the below schedule.

  • Registration - May 29th through June 2nd
  • Qualifier matches – June 5th through the 23rd
  • Group stage matches – July 11th through the 27th
  • Tiebreaker and playoff matches – July 28th
  • Season 1 Finals – August 17th and 18th

In addition to the above activities, the league will also broadcast a special marathon series, with each episode focused on a team participating in the Season 1 Finals. These episodes will run August 8th through the 15th. As an added bonus, the top two finishing teams will be invited to participate in the Grand Finals, taking place next year in Poland.

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