Wargaming Heads to E3 2013


Wargaming has announced details of the company’s presence at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2013 in Los Angeles. With a massive 10,000 square foot booth located at 601 in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center, Wargaming plans to showcase a number of titles to E3 attendees, some of which will debut for the very first time.

World of Warplanes, with its white-knuckle aerial combat and completely revamped controls and graphics, will take E3 guests to the skies where they’ll be able to compete with other attendees for supremacy of the air. Or, if ground combat is more to their liking, attendees can also test their metal at a number of World of Tanks gameplay stations.

Marking its very first public showing, Wargaming’s highly anticipated World of Warships will be presented in a behind-the-scenes theater demonstration, where guests will not only get to see the game in action, but also experience the sights and sounds of true naval combat in a revolutionary domed theater. World of Warships demonstrations will begin half past the hour each day of the show with limited seating for each session.

Most excitingly, Wargaming will finally unveil its first console title at E3. The highly anticipated project is under development by Wargaming West, formerly Day One Studios, and was announced earlier this year. E3 attendees will be the very first to get hands-on with this exciting new game.

Player Gathering

While an abundance of Wargaming staff are in the area, we'll be hosting a player gathering. Just to give you an idea, for those of you who don't remember last year's player gathering at E3, we treated a ton of enthusiastic tankers to food, drinks, games, prizes, and an all around swell time at Lucky Strike Bowling. One lucky player even walked away with a brand new gaming laptop!

We haven't started the sign up process yet, but be sure to keep an eye out for the news if you're interested in attending!

E3 Coverage

E3 goers beware, our very own Pico Mause will be madcapping just about everywhere at this year's big event. Expect regular video updates from the showroom floor and a very special E3 edition of News From the Front.

Want Some Gold in Your World of Tanks Account? Play the World of Warplanes Beta During E3!

We know most of our players will not be able to attend this year's E3, but we certainly haven't forgotten about you. Along with our normal retinue of events and specials for tanks, the Community Team members responsible for World of Warplanes (Mugsy_ & Hathore) have put together some events to coax you over to the airborne combat side of things.

If you haven't yet applied for World of Warplanes Beta access, you can do so on the World of Warplanes portal. You'll need to sign in using your normal World of Tanks credentials.

We'll be posting complete details for these events on the World of Warplanes portal soon, but here's a brief rundown:

Ground Control to Major_Rampage

This event might be the most low maintenance one we do during E3, it's entirely automated - -take a breather Major_Rampage. Each day between June 3rd & 7th, the top 10 pilots who destroy the most ground targets will receive 4,000 in their World of Tanks and World of Warplanes accounts.

Flying High Five Tournament

This event will be a best three out of five, five versus five, at tier V. See what we did there? Five. Five things, over and over. It's a theme. This event will take place on June 5th. More details to come.


  • 10,555
  • 8,555
  • 6,555

Earn Your Wings Event

This event is easy (for the Wargaming event staff anyway, not so much for all you competitors out there), it's also entirely automated. No need to submit an entry. Each day, the top 10 pilots who destroy the most enemy planes or get the most assists in destroying enemy planes while piloting a tier IV or tier V aircraft will get 5,000 added to their World of Tanks account.

Get Airborne Event

If you're just starting out, and find that you aren't quite able to net a top spot in any of the events listed above, then this shindig is for you! All that's required is that you play a total of at least 100 games between the days of June 10th &14th and you'll net yourself 1,750 for both your World of Tanks and World of Warplanes accounts. If you're a dedicated pilot and manage 200 battles you'll be rewarded with 5,000 gold!



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