Ural Steel: Giving Away Prizes

Ural Steel Championship has already become history. The tournament can be referred to as First World WOT Championship. It has gathered almost 250 people from 22 countries in the Grand Finals and it is hard to imagine how many more payers from how many more countries took part in the qualifying stages of the Championship.

Ural Steel was held during several months on the three servers – European, North American and Russian. the competitions were organized in three divisions: 6/60, 8/90 and 10/140. The winners in all three divisions from all the servers were to meet up in Moscow for final battles.

Being considered a great event in cyber-sports field Ural Steel Grand Finals got enormous help in terms of organization from the Russian Cyber-sports Federation.

Apart from that the main sponsor of the event was the Russian military vehicles manufacturer UralVagonZavod. They provided enviable prizes: powerful gaming Acer laptops for absolute winners, 10-inch Acer tablets for players taking 2nd places and Acer netbooks for runners-up. All the participants of the championship who took the 4th places were awarded with 15,000 in-game gold each.

At present the names of winners and prize-holders are already known and we are glad to announce them:

  • in 6/60 division RED: Pz (Ru-server) became winners, Unty (Ru-server) took 2nd place, 1stPAD Bravo Squad became the third best team;
  • in 8/90 division victory was won by STAL4 Centurion (RU-server), Pirates (EU-server) were really close to the first place but eventually lost the match with the winning team and occupied the 2nd position, TK Granitsa (Ru-server) were the 3rd in the list of leaders.
  • in 10/140 Red Rush the middle (RU-server) proved to be the best, another RU-server team Red Baikal became the second and finally the third place was taken by 1SBP (EU-server).

We congratulate all the contestants on great performance and becoming part and parcel of World of Tanks history! All of Ural Steel Grand Finals participants have pioneered the new WOT arena, the arena of World Cyber-sports Championships!

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