Upcoming June Contests

April Events


June has commenced! For this month, we have some fun contests set up for you! Don't forget to check the Events Calendar.

Here is a brief preview of our upcoming June events:

June All Stars:

  • USSR 40, June 5 - 7: SU-85B, KV-3, Type 59
  •  Germany 41, June 12 - 14: PzKpfw III Ausf. A, E-100, T-25 
  • USA 42, June 19 - 21: T1 Heavy, T28, T-127
  • France 43, June 26 - 28: D1, AMX 13 90, KV-5 

Creative Contests:

For this month's creative contest, we are asking you to get your drawing skills ready and to draw some old fashioned pin up posters! More details to come!

Weekend Contests:

We have two weekend contests over this month! We are planning the Operation Citadel Scavenger Hunt, and then a Battle of Brody MVP!

Twitter Contests:

We will be holding only one Twitter Quiz this month on the 15th.

Please remember, all of these contests and events can be changed by the NA Community team with or without notice (we will of course try and keep you posted!). Also, all the discounts, patches, specials are not included in this news.



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