Upcoming April Events

April Events


April has commenced, and it's going to be a fun and full month! We all know that April 12th is our World of Tanks NA first anniversary! We are celebrating this with our World of Tanks Anniversary Party! Stay updated about these contests and events our our website! We will post more detailed news about each event.

Other than our party, and PAX East, here are some of the contests and events that you can look forward to for this month:

April All Stars (end of the month will be added):

  • All Star #28MT Apr. 4-5: AMX M4 (1945), Churchill
  • All Star #29HT Apr. 9-10: IS-4, Lowe
  • All Star #30LT Apr. 11-12 : SU-18, T-15
  • All Star #31MT Apr. 16-17: T-25, VK 3002 (DB)
  • All Star #32HT Apr. 18-19: Maus, Type 59

Creative Contests:

For the first half of this month, we will be celebrating our birthday with a Tank Bake Off! Cakes, cupcakes, muffins, what more could a tanker want on their first year anniversary! Bakers, prepare yourselves, and keep an eye out for the news with all the details!

As for the second half of this month, we would be interested in exploring the idea of Tank Trading Cards! Gather your stats, choose your tanks, and start thinking of some creative ways to make some cards..

Weekend Contests:

For this weekend contests, we will be have another Who Shot the Priest? Prepare yourselves to find those armored vehicles that hold your gold... The following weekend, we will be hunting down some French Tanks!

Any Kamikazes out there? If yes, you will enjoy participating in our MVP Kamikaze event! And finally, for the last weekend in April, we are switching things around and will have Mauses hunting down cats...

Twitter Contests:

As usual, we will hold two Twitter contests this month, one of Friday April 13th, and Friday April 27th. We will keep you posted!


Please remember, all of these contests and events can be changed by the NA Community team with or without notice (we will of course try and keep you posted!). Also, all the discounts, patches, specials are not included in this news.


Please be sure to keep up to date with these events on the Events Calendar.


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