TSJOnline.com: Steel on Target

"Tank lovers, do you dream of a world filled with armored fighting vehicles? The armor gods have answered your prayers. From their heavenly turrets, they have sent down “World of Tanks,” the first massive multiplayer online (MMO) tank game (www.worldoftanks.com). No goofy elves. No stupid wizards in ice-cream-cone hats. Except for a few avatars representing your tank crew, there is nary a human to be seen."

Along with giving general description of the game, Training & Simulation Journal Online points out the research system and main features of World of Tanks. Besides that, the info-source discusses the gameplay and combat peculiarities, paying attention to in-game tactics and preferable tank choices.

"It’s fascinating to see the trade-offs in tank design, where every strength is offset by a weakness. You can have firepower, protection or speed, but you can’t have them all. For example, many new players will reflexively choose the biggest vehicles with the biggest gun, only to discover that the mammoth King Tiger’s turret turns too slowly to blast a lither Sherman moving full-speed as it maneuvers for a flank shot. No tank is invulnerable. Smart players, who rack up most of the kills, understand the strengths of their vehicles and the weaknesses of their opponents."

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