Tip & Treat

World of Tanks launches Tip & Treat contest, the video competition in which our players are given opportunity to teach newcomers how to play WoT professionally! Fancy creating a video depicting your prime tanking skills that would share your experience with newcomers? Then partake in the contest!

Your video should include a battle recording (or several battles) along with voice commentary. But remember that the guide is being made for a complete newbie and it needs thorough explanations of what the tanker is doing, planning to do, how to achieve these goals and why he/she is doing it.

The contest is held in 5 categories of tank classes: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers and SPGs.

Important requirements and notes regarding the contest submissions:

  • The theme is Tip & Treat.
  • Every user can take part in the contest, but only 2 submissions per a category are allowed.
  • Duration: from 5 to 15 minutes.
  • The video should be published on YouTube; the post with the link to it should be posted in the special forum topic. The following tags must be added to tags: World of tanks, WoT, *or add your own tag*.
  • The video should not violate moral, ethical rules, EULA or general forum rules.
  • Various in-game battles/events can be inserted into the video but it should be turned into the collection of top hot moments.
  • Please, mind that the goal of your video is to share your experience with other players and teach them how to ride the vehicle professionally!

We start accepting your works right now. The contest will end at 8:00 AM UTC on August 1st. Please post your works in this forum topic.

Best video in each category will get 7,000 in-game gold. Second place will receive 6,000 gold, and third place will be given 5,000 gold.

Partake in the contest and show who's a hardball!

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