ThinkComputers and Calm Down Tom Review World of Tanks

Calm Down Tom source starts its article with a thrilling story of a World of Tanks newbie, who gets killed right in the first combat but "hits the big red ‘Battle’ button and is back into the fray, ready to destroy some tanks." Afterwards goes overall review of World of Tanks covering different Battle modes and the upcoming Clan Wars.

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Meanwhile, ThinkComputers rolls into World of Tanks and gives its brief look at the game and good advice for newcomers: "The best newbie strategy I could give to you all is to level up multiple tanks at once. Once your tank is destroyed hop out of battle and jump in with another, also only use the XP to choose your upgrade path wasting XP on a stuff on lower levels will screw you up and then you will wish you didn’t do it. Also I would look into joining a clan for the next few patches."

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