They Killed 'em All!

MVP: Kill’em All contest was to find out the greatest tank killer among World of Tanks players. The bigger the amount of destroyed tanks was, the more likely tankers were to reach the top in this competition.

The contest was held in three categories: Medium tanks, TDs and SPGs. And now we are ready to annouce the winning MVPs!

Perfect killers in TD category are: Joannes who counted 21 frags and will be awarded 3,000 in-game gold! DocHawk counted 20 frags getting 2,500 gold. Wercho gets 2,000 gold for 15 frags and AceDarkfire will be credited 750 gold for 11 frags! Cybergyn gets 500 gold for destroying 9 tanks.

Perfect Arty snipers are: Joannes who counted 15 frags and will be credited 3,000 gold! Another player, galon007, destroyed 15 tanks too, and will be given 3,000 gold as well. They are followed by BigThunder75, Gorshkov33 and trekky with 11 frags, they take second place and each of them will get 2,500 gold!

And best MVPs in Medium tanks category are: Cybergyn with 23 frags, which bring him 3,000 gold! The runer-up is BorisWoT with 17 tanks that give him 2,500 gold. Maxanov will be credited 2,000 gold for destroying 16 tanks and raccoon29 will get 750 gold for 14 frags. Once again Joannes is a prize winner, getting 500 in-game gold for 11 frags!

Congrats to our winners and good luck in further partaking!

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