TenTonHammer: Treads meet tactics in Wargaming.net's tank vs. tank tussler

TenTonHammer, the popular gamers portal, gives a blow-by-blow review of World of Tanks, depicting essential points of the game, drawing pros and cons of World of Tanks.

The source evaluates World of Tanks and rates the game aspects. World of Tanks Gameplay is considered to be Outstanding, and the Value of World of Tanks is Great. We are glad to inform that the Overall rating of World of Tanks is Great.

"The concept is simple, but the variety and customization are without equal and keep you coming back for more. You have nothing to lose by giving this game a try after all, and just like the wildly popular League of Legends, you can be the best player in the game without spending a dime. If you can get past the title, which is the most derivative aspect of this surprisingly innovative and full-featured game, we don't think you'll be disappointed."

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