TenTonHammer: World of Battleships Interview

The well-known gaming info-source TenTonHammer has published the interview about World of Battleships held with Wargaming.net’s Frazer Nash.

"I told you that to tell you this: Frazer’s seen a lot of bad games in his time, so for him to sign on with Wargaming.net full-time, well, he must see a lot of potential in the upstart company’s growing list of online military titles. That, and he’s a true wargaming enthusiast, nothing like a PR shill. After riffing about the good old days of Avalon Hill and SSI, we sat down to talk World of Battleships."

Frazer Nash explains general patterns of gameplay of the upcoming World of Battleships; additionally, he highlights major analogies with World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, which is being developed at the moment.

Likewise, he gives away things that already excite future WoB players; thus, he speaks about the possibility of submarines implementation into the game.

"I’d guessed that submarines might fill the SPG role, but Frazer squashed my Silent Hunter-loving aspirations. “There will be no submarines in World of Battleships. You know and I know and every gamer knows what will happen when players go beyond random battles and begin to put together their own rosters. Everyone will get into a submarine, one poor bastard will get into a boat, the boat will die a horrible death and everyone else will have no one to shoot at. It just makes the game unbalanced, unplayable, and not friendly… If you have a sniper sitting in a tree, killing everyone off, and no one knows where he is, that’s not fun. And that’s the submarine."

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