The Ten Ton Hammer: WoT's Best Booth at E3

“It's impossible to describe the level of imagination and creativity that goes into the booths of the games we see."

The Ten Ton Hammer visited all booths at E3 and decided to give its Best Booth Award to due to its excellent layout and show. And surely, real tanks parked outside and inside LA Convention Center are best presentations of the game.

The info-source states, that the worst thing about other booths is that they all get dismantled when the show is over and all the creativity and glory fades away. However those who get a chance to see these game-related masterpieces with their own eyes are ready to share their true impressions.

“This year was no different than any other. We were surrounded by a magical forest of choroplast and vacuform. There were cities of stone walls and metal dungeons of sci-fi splendor."

This is the second similar award for One of the most widely-known MMO-portals Massively also gave World of Tanks developers Best Booth award. 

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