Telling Tanktales Contest Is Over

No drawing or painting skills? Not proficient in graphics or video editing? Not good at being a DJ? Try your luck in the current contest then. All good tankers should be able to tell the tanktales!

We offer you to take part in the contest that will help you release your literary talents. The task of all the participants is to write a fairy-tale which will focus on tanks in quite unusual settings. The greatest peculiarity is that tanks should become part of a fairy world were the following characters exist: Brave Tanker, Angry Arty, Dragon, 7 dwarves, Happy Leichtraktor, Shrek, Fairy Godmother and Holy Loewe. Including all the characters in your fairy tale is a must and none of them can be omitted. This is the main requirement of the contest.  All tanktales that will exceed 5,000 characters will not be considered contest works. All other requirements you will find in the respective topic on the forum. Your entries should go in this topic too.

The player whose tanktale will be named the best will receive 6,000 gold. The prize for the second best story will bring the author 4,000 gold. The fairytale to appear the third best will help the tankteller get 3,000 gold.

UPD. August 15. The contest is over and its results will be announced soon.

Take your time to create a literary masterpiece that would impress the whole WOT community!

Good luck!

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