Tanks Go to Space

Today is a memorable day, so World of Tanks team decided to launch Tanks to Space. Thus, we start the new contest for Best Image/Collage, devoted to space and tanks.

The collage must include WoT tanks, which enter the earth orbit, scale the endless space wides, or search for extraterrestrial life on other planets: tanks-moon rovers, tanks-spaceships, tanks-satelites, tanks-shuttles, tank orbit stations (TOS), attachments, landings, meeting alien tank civilizations and other forms of life, and all that you can imagine related to space.

Within this forum thread only collages (or links on them) for the participation in the "Tanks Go to Space" Contest will be permitted.

Important requirements for your works are:

  • one player – one image;
  • collage (or link to it) has to be posted in this topic;
  • collage should not violate morale, ethic, laws, in-game rules and EULA;
  • collage should not violate any of the existing forum rules, such as no swearing or abbreviated swearing;
  • in-game tanks should be a part of the image;
  • the space should be presented in any of its display (galaxies, planets, stars etc.)
  • battle actions mean space combats, planet assaults, landing on a planet, engagements in the open space;
  • humor is welcomed.

We start accepting images since this moment. The contest ends April 15 at 4:00 AM EDT. Best collage will be awarded 6,000 in-game gold. For the second place one will get 4,000 in-game gold, and the third place will be credited 2,000 in-game gold.

A special contest section of the forum will be placed on World of Tanks website.

You can post your masterpieces here