Tank Company: Return's Successful

It is always exciting when you have the opportunity to show that you can do something better than the creator of this 'some thing'. Besides, who doesn't love nerves rattling and adrenaline rush? Thus, May 15 starting 5:00 PM UTC and up to 7:00 PM UTC our outrageous soldiers were given a great chance to show off their tactical and shooting skills, when the team of WoT developers and moderators united again to fight against World of Tanks players.

That dramatic evening 116 warriors draw their polished tanks out to the battle fields to put their names into history. And to win.

The fight was tough and 9 battles were played. The victory changed hands all the time: players strained every nerve to win and did not wish to lose ground! And now World of Tanks proudly announces the names of the players, who took part in this thrilling event and will be rewarded with the deserved gold!

Each player, who won the battle, will be granted 1,000 in-game gold. Each defeated participant will get 500 in-game gold. And 750 in-game gold will be the reward for a draw.

We thank all the brave warriors and would like to meet you all in the battlefields in the future!

Now all our players have another chance to demostrate their master skills and show off their clans in the Clan Parade contest! This contest will be over May 31st. Don't miss the unique chance to get the enormous heap of Gold!

Stay tuned for more World of Tanks!