Tank Skin Contest Winners!

World of Tanks provided a good opportunity for players to present their own ideas of tank skin designs, dedicated to Independence Day. As you remember we suggested the tankers to 'cover' T1 Heavy, Ram-II and M4 Sherman. We have seen many interesting and funny skins and now we are ready to announce the winners of this contest!

Best skin of T1 Heavy was presented by Wohr. His work brings him 6,000 gold! Second place was given to theChosen and his skin, which awards him with 5,000 in-game gold. And third place goes to tony7169, whose work brings him 4,000 gold.

Best Ram-II skins were made by Cybergyn, his work was considered to be the best and it gets him 6,000 gold; armydude, who gets second place and 5,000 in-game gold for producing this skin; and Wisened, his masterpiece brings him 4,000 gold.

And the following tankers created best skins for M4 Sherman: Dietz, who gets first place and 6,000 gold for making this piece of art; Joe_B's seeing of Sherman awards him with second place and 5,000 in-game gold. And third place holder is SgtNathan, his work gets him 4,000 gold.

We congratulate our winners and wish all of you good luck in further partaking!

Stay tuned and see you on the battlefields!

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