Tank Model Building Contest [UPDATE]

Tank bake off

Tankers! Model enthusiasts!

UPDATE:  We've decided that we were cutting the deadline a short, so we're giving the contest an extension.  It's now running through June 10th.

It's been a long time coming for all of you modelers out there, but it's finally here.  In the spirit of Military Month we're calling upon our players to show us their modeling and painting skills!  We want you to assemble and paint your favorite tank from our game so we can help you show it off to the world.

The winning model will ultimately be selected by you, the players. We will choose the top competitors and then let you choose the winners! You may also add a short story if you would like to explain the how and why of your model project. Your short story will also be added with the pictures on the forum! We have some professional level model builders in our offices to do the initial round of judging.  They've been involved with judging for IPMS, KublaCon, and other competitions.  Plenty of their stellar work can be found decorating our offices.


  • Only one model may be submitted for each account
  • The model can be no larger than 1/24th scale
  • Building parts and additions for the tank from scratch is permissible
  • The tank model should be of a tank that is included in World of Tanks as of the 7.3 patch
  • Tanks will be primarily judged with three criteria in mind:  Quality of Build, Quality of Painting, and how similarly it resembles one of our in game tanks
  • Send in a total of 6 image files to design@worldoftanks.com with Tank Model Contest in the subject line and your in game name.  Make sure your photos are high resolution and well lit so we can see your detail work.
    • Image 1:  a photo showing the model assembly process (make sure we can tell that what you're building in the photo and what you end up with are in fact the same project--give us no reason to question your submission)
    • Image 2: a photo showing the assembled model prior to beginning the majority of the painting (included in the photo must be a piece of paper with World of Tanks Model Contest and your in game name)
    • Image 3: a photo showing the painting process (again, include the piece of paper)
    • Image 4: a photo showing your completed tank from a front angle (including the Model Contest paper with your nickname)
    • Image 5: a photo showing your completed tank from a side angle (including the Model Contest paper with your nickname)
    • Image 6: a dramatic photo of the model.  Additionally, add in a side by side image (two pictures merged into one) of a screen shot taken from the game to show how insanely similar your tank is to one of our own in game tanks!
  • You may submit your six pictures from now until June 10th, 11:59 PM PDT (6:59 AM UTC Jun 11th). Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out.
  • You may have help with making this model, although buying a professionally completed tank or hiring a professional modeler/painter to assist you with this model will disqualify you.


  1. 50000
  2. 40000
  3. 30000
  4. 20000
  5. 10000


Good luck and happy assembly!