Tank Machinima Winners



We asked you, our players, to make a Tank Machinima video! The winners have finally been chosen, and we would like to thank all of those that spent the several hours needed to make such videos as amazing as they are! We also definitely appreciated seeing many of you grouping together and making this into a team/clans project! We hope you enjoyed the time you spent together organizing the teams!

Here are the prize winners:

1. Video submitted by Herr_Oberst_Nu, and members of these clans: PLOT, SSGS, and FWG:


2. Video submitted by: Camiyu, BlueTear, HiNero18, Killer777, silfe:


3. Video submitted by: Jacques_Cousteau, RightInfinity, RolandVH, Minds_eye:


4. Video submitted by: SaborW


5. Video submitted by: Blacksheepwarrock



We hope you all enjoyed watching these videos and thank you all for working hard on making them! Please allow up to 24 hours for gold disbursement.