Tank Bake Off Winners

tank bake off


The winners of the Tank Bake Off have been chosen, by you! Many of our players sent in cakes that they made, some alone, and some with help from their families and friends. It was definitely a heart warming and eye opening experience for us here in the office to see how many of you took the time and effort to make a cake in honor of your game's one year anniversary! All of you are winners, and we hope that you all enjoyed eating all those yummy cakes!

Here are your winners!

1. Zalsbak:

1st winner


2. Bud4u:

2nd place


3. GiantSmasher:

3rd place


4. Deliverance:

4th place


5. CallofLukey, TheSilverStar:

5th place


We also have some honorable mentions that are some very creative and different ways of creating a "cake"! All honorable mentions will receive 2000 gold!



I love the idea of a tank that I can eat.  However I had one problem... I don't bake.  So I went with what I DO know.  Meat and fire!!!



The Easter Tank was made by me and my 10 yr old daughter, she likes WoT like me. It is made 100% from consumables.




The pines are expanded polystyreneThe grass is shredded coconut and the ground is brown sugar.


Jrivers95, Hairybearjesus:


This is the caketraktor, it is roughly 3 feet tall, 4.5 feet long and 2 feet wide.




Cake made using yokan, a japanese cake.


Congratulations to all of our winners! Please allow up to 24 hours for the gold to be disbursed.

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