Tank Bake Off finalists

Tank bake off


We've finally managed to go through all of the tank bake off submissions. Looking through all these amazing cakes and see the time and effort you all put in them made us very proud to be your community managers. We have some excellent bakers, decorators, and some of you have some amazing talent and creativity! It was very heartwarming to see how many of you worked on these cakes with your families and World of Tanks friends!

It was very hard to narrow this down as we would have loved to add all of the cakes that were sent in. We've managed to narrow it down to about 15 cakes, so now it is your turn to go on the forum and vote for your favorites.

Please remember that everyone that has submitted their cakes has put in all the hours and effort that you have. Please be aware of this when you are commenting or voting!

Please go to this forum and vote on your favorite cakes. Voting is open till Friday, April 20th, 6:00 PM PDT.