Tactical Gamer reviews World of Tanks and speaks about its gameplay

"Put simply: the game has everything you’d want out of a free-to-play title. More than 15 maps, over 50 different tanks, and the ability to play in either first or third person modes give the game an incredible diversity... World of Tanks has an incredibly dedicated development team who, with the latest patch to version 0.6.4, have made lots of changes to game mechanics, balance, and new maps have been added, as well as introducing Clan Wars. Plans are in the works for 30+ new tanks in the existing three nation’s tech trees over the next few months as well!"

Besides giving overall description of World of Tanks, Tactical Gamer speaks about in-game tanks, combat matching and teamwork, which is of a great concern within the game. Furthermore, Tactical Gamer points out the fact that "unlike many MMORPGs that require you to play hours upon hours every day just to keep up", World of Tanks offers an incredible range of tank options, that makes it very easy for a player to play "without worry of being left behind."

In addition to that, the info-source gives a brief description of the introduced Ultimate Conquest - a persistent campaign environment in which clans attempt to build empires in Europe. Many WoT clans are already fighting for provinces of the Global Map and we would be glad to see you in the battlefields too! Join a clan and start your own expansion!

"Ever dreamed of driving a 50 ton hunk of metal and slinging explosive rounds at your enemies? Ever had the desire to watch other gamers cringe as you charge at them, knocking down trees and any other obstacles in your path?Do you love vehicle warfare? Then World of Tanks is for YOU!"

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