T1 Cunningham Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt


Are you ready for your next scavenger hunt? This hunt is going to focus on some light tanks, with a major bonus if you manage to do this in the T1 Cunningham.

Description and rules:

  • The goal of this scavenger hunt is to destroy all the tier II  light tanks in 3 of your best battles over this weekend (your submission will not qualify if all 7 non premium tier II light tanks are not destroyed between all your battles)
  • If you use the T1 Cunningham for this scavenger hunt, you can add 100 XP points to your final score (T1 Cunningham needs to be used for all 3 battles).
  • These are the tanks you want to aim for:
  • Your final score will be based on your experience from all 3 of your battles. For each battle you submit:
    • If you get the first victory of the day, divide the XP by 2
    • For premium accounts: divide the XP earned by 15
    • For standard accounts, divide the XP earned by 10
    • The number you get is considered as your base XP score.
  • This contest begins now, and ends Monday, August 13, at 11:59 PM PDT (6:59 AM UTC). Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out.
  • Only random battles allowed.

What to submit:

Send an email to events@worldoftanks.com with:

  • For each battle, you must have one screenshot of the garage pop up, and one screenshot or replay showing the tanks destroyed.
  • This means your email should have 3 screenshots of the garage pop up, and 3 screenshots or replays showing the tanks destroyed.
  • Your game name in the email, and American Scavenger Hunt in the email subject.
  • All the calculations.

Do all your battles between now and August 13, at 11:59 PM PDT (6:59 AM UTC).  Submit all your battles between these two times.


Example calculations required:

  • Battle 1: 1585 XP (premium account)
  • Battle 2: 1645 XP (Standard account)
  • Battle 3: 2648 XP (first victory of the day, standard account)

Battle 1: 1585/15 = 105.6

Battle 2: 1645/10 = 164.5

Battle 3: 2648/2 = 1324. 1324/10 = 132.4

Total XP points: 402.5

All 3 battles were in the T1 Cunningham. Add 100 points: 402.5 + 100 = 502.5

Final score:502.5 XP points.



  • 1st place: 10000
  • 2nd place: 8000
  • 3rd place: 6000
  • 4th place: 4000
  • 5th place: 2000

Happy Hunting!

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