Stuart Twitter Quiz



Prepare yourselves for yet another Twitter Quiz! In honor of J.E.B. Stuart's birthday on February 6, 1833, we will hold a 20 question quiz today, February 3rd! To participate in the quiz, you do not need to create a Twitter account, just visit our World of Tanks twitter and answer the questions tweeted by email.

Seeing we have 20 questions, this will be the format:

The questions will start at 4:00 PM PST (7 PM EST, 12:00 AM UTC). Each question will be posted every 15 minutes. Each answer will be posted 10 minutes after the question is posted (example: Question 1 will be posted at 4:00 PM PST, the answer will then be posted at 4:10 PM PST, and then the next question will be posted 5 minutes later, at 4:15 PM PST). The quiz will end at 9 PM PST (12:00 AM EST, 5 AM UTC).

During those 10 minutes, you will need to research your answer and send an email to

Be sure to add:

  • Stuart Twitter Quiz in the subject line
  • Your game name
  • Which question you are answering (a copy paste of the question)
  • Your answer to the question

If your email is missing any of these, your answer will not be considered.

All your answers need to be received during those ten minutes. Any emails sent after the answer is posted will not be considered.

As per the usual Twitter quizzes, 10 correct random players per question will be chosen for 200


Participation in the quiz does not require signing up for Twitter, though we definitely encourage you to follow us to stay updated on World of Tanks NA news!

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