Stuart Scavenger Hunt



This is the first Scavenger Hunt event that we organize! This event is similar to the MVP events we have done in the past, but all the points are based purely on XP earned during the battles.


  • For the Scavenger Hunt, you will need to submit 3 battles.
  • For at least one of those battles, you will be required to destroy 1 of each vehicle type: 1 SPG, 1 light tank, 1 medium tank, 1 heavy tank, 1 tank destroyer.
  • For each battle submited, you will need to calculate your base XP points:
    • If you get the first victory of the day, divide the XP by 2
    • For premium accounts: divide the XP earned by 15
    • For standard accounts, divide the XP earned by 10
    • The number you get is considered as your base XP score.
  • Add all the base XP scores from the three battles together, and this will be your final Scavenger Hunt score.
  • You may use any vehicle you want for this event, although doing this in the Stuart will give you something extra


If you manage to kill all 5 vehicles types in a second (or third) battle you submit, add 50 points to your final score.

For this event specifically: seeing this week celebrates J.E.B Stuart's birthday, if you manage to do this Scavenger Hunt with a Stuart tank, add 100 points to your final score.

What to do:

This event starts tomorrow, Friday, February 3rd at 12:01 Am PST (8:01 AM UTC) and ends Sunday, Feb. 5, at 11:59 AM PST (7:59 AM UTC Monday). 

Send an email to with:

  • For each battle, you must have one screenshot of the garage pop up, and one screenshot or replay showing the tanks destroyed.
  • This means your email should have 3 screenshots of the garage pop up, and 3 screenshots or replays showing the tanks destroyed.
  • Your game name in the email
  • All the calcualtions

Do all your battles between these two times.  Submit all your battles between these two times.

Example calculations required:

  • Battle 1: 1585 XP (premium account)
  • Battle 2: 1645 XP (Standard account)
  • Battle 3: 2648 XP (first victory of the day, standard account)

Battle 1: 1585/15 = 105.6

Battle 2: 1645/10 = 164.5

Battle 3: 2648/2 = 1324. 1324/10 = 132.4

Total XP points: 105.6+164.5+132.4 = 402.5

Battle 1 and 2 both had all 5 vehicle types destroyed. Add 50 points: 402.5+50 = 452.5 XP points.

Final score: 452.5 XP points.


  • 1st place: 10000
  • 2nd place: 8000
  • 3rd place: 6000
  • 4th place: 4000
  • 5th place: 2000


Any feedback on this event is appreciated. Please be aware that seeing this event is still new, changes and tweaks will most likely be made during or after the event. 

Submissions will be processed next week.

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