Smile at Smileys!

Best way to express oneself when typing a message on the forum is to add smileys to it. Several weeks ago our warriors were suggested to make their own smiling (or non-smiling) masterpieces which could diverse the emotional life of our community. As you remember, WoT soldiers were to create 5 animated smileys of their own design, which could be used within World of Tanks.

Players had enough time to think of new emoticons and now we are ready to announce best works!

Rukasu113 provided in-sight that resembles a detected tanker, and ambush which is excellent when you feel better when under cover, and that is probably perfect for arty tankers.

If hetzers scare you to death, hetz by omsg would be a good way of escaping the naughty rushing vehicles.

Runzel's kavroom says: "Don't let your head be hit off!"

Prefer scouting and examining the area? Then Netherby's hetzing is for you!

And Hobbiton's Great Five are truly epic smileys! Here they are: crosseyed, burning, ammorack, maus, vodka.

The last but not the least is G0NZ0's crybaby, which is a good illustration of sad emotions.

Each winning smiley brings 500 in-game gold to its master!

We thank all the participants for the good job done and huge sense of humour implied!

Be Happy and keep Smiling at World of Tanks!