Roll Out: 8.2 is Now Live!


The 8.2 update is now live!

The latest version of World of Tanks brings you several new vehicles -- like the T57 pictured above -- and several improvements to the battlefields. You can read over the 8.2 update notes and watch the video below to get a detailed breakdown on the various changes and improvements.

How to Download the 8.2 Update

There are various ways for you to download the 8.2 World of Tanks update. If you already have World of Tanks installed, all you have to do is start the game launcher and allow the process to automatically go to work. Otherwise you can download the 8.2 game client by itself from any of the links listed below:

New American Vehicles

A new branch of vehicles has been added to the US tech tree and they all have a very distinctive feature: automatic loaders. So this makes them somewhat similar to French tanks in that it's possible to fire several shots in quick succession before a long reload time. Don't worry, they still retain that sense of power and might that comes with all American vehicles.

Starting with the Tier VI T21 and Tier VII T71 light tank, the new Tier VIII T69 and Tier IX T54E1 medium tanks, and lastly the Tier X T57 heavy tank. These new vehicles are sure to delight all players and present even more choices and strategy for World of Tanks.

New Premium Vehicles

In addition to the vehicles listed above, three new premium vehicles have been added to World of Tanks as well: one French and two British tanks have joined the premium ranks, like the unusual-looking Tier VI TOG-II* heavy tank and the first Tier VII AT-15A tank destroyer for the British line. Then there's the French Tier VIII FCM 50(t) heavy tank that's sure to rival the mighty Löwe or T-34 as the most formidable premium vehicles around.

Four Updated Maps

Since the 8.0 update, there has been a steady stream of updates to our in-game maps. The four maps that have received some tender loving care this time around are: ProkhorovkaRedshireErlenberg, and Ruinberg. All of these maps now have greatly enhanced terrain and background effects, in addition to a few other tweaks to help with balance. Also, the rendering effects have been optimized, improving the overall performance as well as enhanced details across the maps.

Premium Time

We had to take down the servers for about six hours last night in order to deploy and test the patch. As such many of you Premium players were not able to get into the game. So in return we'll be crediting you one day of Premium time as a result of the downtime. Thanks for your patience and continued support.